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Renaming Image Files

Renaming Image FilesChoose the corresponding mode (Press the button on the toolbar or choose Rename mode in the Edit menu). Then choose a masque for renaming files.

The program includes a range of the predefined masques but you may create your own with help of macros. A list of macros is below. The only thing you need to do is type in a necessary succession of macros and separator symbols (e.g. %y-%m-%d_ results in 2003-12-31_001.jpg). The program adds successive numbers automatically. As you are typing, an example of the created title will be displayed on the optionbar.

In addition to that, not only a macros but any word can be used as a masque (e.g. landscapes_ results in landscapes_001.jpg).

After you have created a new masque, just define its field of application and start renaming (Apply button).

A list of macros to apply:

  • %y - shooting year
  • %m - shooting month
  • %d - shooting day
  • %h - shooting hour
  • %n - shooting minute
  • %s - shooting second
  • %f - root directory
  • %c - a model of camera
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