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Purchase SnapTouch

The demo version of SnapTouch has limitations. Purchase a license and gain full access to features:

  • Quick start – get rid of the splash window when you start the program
  • No watermarks – the full version of SnapTouch will not add watermarks to your processed images
  • Permanent key — all later versions of SnapTouch are free
  • No risk — if you aren’t satisfied with the great features in SnapTouch, we will return your money*
Special offer: a free registration key!

Traditional registration method is good, but rather out of date! Do you lead an online lifestyle? Are you hooked on Skype or Real or shopping at Blockbuster? Do you buy or sell things at eBay? Keep it up! Go on living your life online in the XXI century and get a copy of SnapTouch absolutely free of charge!

Use any of services of big giants such as eBay, Blockbuster, Skype or Real and get full version of SnapTouch as a bonus. Find out how it works.

Special offer: No need to pay! Let's earn a SnapTouch registration key!

You may like the idea of managing your photos with SnapTouch but you hardly feel the same about paying for the registration key. It’s all right! Forget about Warez and capture the opportunity of getting the serial number free of charge! To get it, you should translate the interface language file into a language that is missing in the list of available languages. After we approve your translation, it will appear in the list, and you'll get a personal registration key.

*Offer valid for the first 15 days following purchase

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