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SnapTouch features:

  • Importing your photos to a computer. Your photos will be imported from a digital camera, sorted chronologically, renamed and placed on your hard disk.
  • Renaming a group of files. If you don't like the names of your image files, rename them. SnapTouch also allows you to number photos chronologically.
  • Creation of picture collections. Creation of picture collections. You can handle all the pictures united into the collection at once. At the same time any picture can be included into any number of different collections.
  • Full-screen viewing of all pictures in the collection. You can see all the images with comments and dates.
  • Show image metadata (EXIF). All the information about shooting conditions and parameters is available.
  • Stamping shooting date and comments* on a photo with a single touch, on one photo or on the whole collection at once!
  • Adding comments* to an image file. This feature helps you make images more informative without corrupting them.
  • Framing a photo: cut out part of a shot while preserving its proportions; this is a fantastic opportunity to make your photo more expressive.
  • Resizing your photos to the right size and preserve their proportions is a very useful and effective feature.
  • Rotate photos to view them the right way.
  • Mirror photos. It makes them look unusual.

*) This feature is applied only to images stored in a special enhanced format that supports additional data. A special marker in the program indicates if your picture has the required format.

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