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Not Photoshop but yes, it can!

It’s a common misbelief that once you’ve got a digital camera you must absolutely get yourself Photoshop. Yet many of those things a digital photographer needs everyday simply can’t be found in Photoshop. But there are some really useful features in SnapTouch. Well, SnapTouch is not Photoshop but yes it can!

Import photos

import photo form cameraTo see how to give sensible names to files immediately while copying them to your computer check out the video tutorial. Automatic renaming and arranging photos into appropriate folders. Automatic rotation of photos to their proper orientation. Good number of templates.

Crop images

crop photos with aspect ratioTo learn how to adjust aspect ratio settings and crop images so as to send them to a photo lab or just enhance their expressivity see the video tutorial. Semi-automatic regime. Various aspect ratio options. No quality loss.

Date stamping

stamp shooting date to photoTo learn how to add date/time stamps or comments to digital photos see the video tutorial. Batch processing. Font type, size and color settings. Date stamp location.

Communicate in different languages

change interface languageTo see how to change the interface of SnapTouch so as to make it clear to non-English speakers check out the video tutorial. 12 languages available.

Rename files

batch photo renamingTo see how to sort digital photos stored at your computer based on shoot date and give them sensible names check out the video tutorial. Automatic processing. Name templates.

Remove red-eye effect

remove red eyeTo see how to remove the red-eye effect and make photos look natural check out the video tutorial.

Display EXIF data

view exifTo see how to view auxiliary EXIF information added to files by the camera watch the video tutorial.

Delete EXIF data

remove exifTo see how to reduce image size by deleting EXIF data check out the video tutorial.

Create collections

batch processibgTo learn how to create collections of photos and edit them as a whole see the video tutorial. Photos from different folders. Batch processing.

Rotate and mirror photos

auto rotate photoTo see how to rotate and mirror digital photos for the sake of their looks and proper orientation check out the video tutorial. Batch processing. No quality loss.

Exposure compensation

compensate expositionTo see how to adjust brightness, contrast or gamma settings watch the video tutorial. Batch processing.


So, if you are really into digital photography take a look at SnapTouch. It will help you sort your photos and give them sensible names. Now you can crop images with appropriate ratios, get photos printed at a photo lab and may totally forget about those irritating white streaks on them. Put date stamps right on your photos and you’ll never forget when any of your most favorite pictures was taken. Well, SnapTouch is not Photoshop but yes, it can!

Download free your SnapTouch copy and enjoy it.


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Copying images, lossless photo cropping with aspect ratio, date stamping, multilingual interface etc. SnapTouch is simply marvelous for its features. But you can get even more!

Registering your copy of the program you also get:

• free technical support
• prompt program start
• no watermarks on processed images.

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Registration fee is only 24.95 US. Being absolutely sure that it’s SnapTouch you really need we guarantee you unconditional return of your money within 21 days since registration. Just contact us!

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